College Action Projects 2012-13

1.1.1 Implement strategies to increase the number of students who graduate (Diane Patrick)

1.1.2 Promoting Faculty Involvement in Academic Advising (Bill Faber and Paula Sullivan)

1.1.3 Revise and create four-year articulation agreements for seamless transfer (Erin Busscher)

1.2.1 Programs of Study (Fiona Hert)

2.1.1 College Success Program to increase the persistence, completion, and transfer rates of developmental students (Cindy Martin)

2.2.1 Expanding the Distance Learning Program (Eric Kunnen)

3.1.1 Retention Initiative for Most Challenged Students (Eric Williams)

4.1.1 Portfolio (Eric Mullen)

5.1.1 Increase Student Persistence by Making CLS100 Mandatory (John Cowles)

5.1.2 Integrating the Early Alert System towards increased student persistence & completion (Lynnae Selberg)

5.1.3 Integrated Tutorial Support (Colleen Copus & Holly Hoare)

5.2.2 Improving the Adjunct Experience (Laurie Chesley)

5.2.3 Strengthen faculty professional development processes to support student success (Ric Underhile)

5.3.1 Reading Apprenticeship (Linda Spoelman)

5.3.2 Develop and implement a new model of Program Review based on program learning outcomes (Patti Trepkowski)

5.3.3 Establish an assessment and reporting process for the Institutional Learning Outcomes (Katie Daniels)

5.3.4 Promote data based decision making while implementing a Data Warehouse (Donna Kragt & Kevin O'halla)

6.1.1 Expand learning options to increase transfer, persistence, and completion through faculty and staff learning experiences with area employers (Amy Koning)

6.2.1 Pathway to Employment Service and Program Model to Support Student Goal Intent (Tina Hoxie)

6.2.2 Identify existing and possible new employer recognized credentials that meet industry standards and needs (Julie Parks)