GRCC Strategic Plan - 2014 – 2017

End #1:  Student Success Pathways

A student-centered experience will ensure opportunities for students to learn the skills necessary to achieve their educational goals.

Strategy 1.1        Access- Improve services and outreach initiatives to students considering GRCC

CAP* 1.1.1: Improve outreach and recruitment of new students

CAP 1.1.2:  Improve access through strengthening the GRCC Brand

Strategy 1.2        Persistence – Provide college programs, resources and systems to support students in their educational pathway.

CAP 1.2.1:  Student Success in Developmental Education

CAP 1.2.2: Retention of Undecided Students

CAP 1.2.3: Increase the readiness of students taking on-line courses

CAP 1.2.4: Reduction of Financial Barriers for Students

Strategy 1.3        Student Support – Improve support services to instill in students the skills necessary to be effective learners, citizens and individuals

CAP 1.3.1: Improve the support systems for cohort groups of students 
CAP 1.3.1 A
CAP 1.3.1 B
CAP 1.3.1 C

CAP 1.3.2: Create and Improve Student Services for Part-Time, Evening and Weekend students as well as at Regional Sites

CAP 1.3.3: Provide additional student support for Latino students

CAP 1.3.4: Support an academic leadership program (Alpha Beta Omega) to support the success of the College’s most challenged students

Strategy 1.4        Student Learning - Improve student success through the creation, revision, and monitoring of curriculum and assessment

CAP 1.4.1:  Implement Institutional Assessment of Student Learning

Strategy 1.5        Completion – Increase the number of students who earn degrees or certificates at GRCC

CAP 1.5.1:  Design graduation initiatives to increase degree or certificate completion

CAP 1.5.2:  Implement college-generated graduation processes and procedures

End #2:          Workforce Pathways

GRCC will prepare students for the workforce in our community and the world.

Strategy 2.1        Knowledge and Infrastructure – Ensure that  resources, and infrastructure are effectively organized and consistently aligned to provide students and other stakeholders with an efficient, successful, user-centered system to promote the attainment of skills necessary to enter the workforce

CAP 2.1.1:  Construct core competencies in workforce development

CAP 2.1.2: Increase use of labor market information forecasting

Strategy 2.2        Student Pathways – Provide expanded engagement opportunities for students related to work goals         

CAP 2.2.1: Integrate all career and job placement service

CAP 2.2.2: Create and expand career learning experiences
CAP 2.2.2 with comments 

End #3:  Transfer Pathways

GRCC prepares students to transfer to the college or university of their choice.

Strategy 3.1:       Knowledge and Infrastructure -Ensure that college messaging, alignment with secondary and other post-secondary institutions, resources, and infrastructure are effectively organized to provide students and other stakeholders with an efficient and effective system to promote transfer

CAP 3.1.1 – Promote best practices among academic disciplines and departments in order to improve student transfer to four-year institutions

CAP 3.1.2: - Improve GRCC’s infrastructure and ability to develop collaborative programs to enhance student preparedness for post-secondary education through high school and community partnerships, articulation agreements, and early and middle college initiatives

Strategy 3.2:       Student Pathways - Provide students with the experiences, preparation, and support necessary for successful transfer to a four-year college

CAP 3.2.1 – Integrate services for students on a transfer pathway

CAP 3.2.2– Provide outreach to targeted groups of students who are eligible for transfer

*College Action Project