GRCC END: Transfer Pathways

Dean's Office - School of Arts and Sciences
Guided Pathways Initiative (GPI) (Michael Vargo)

To design a framework that brings together current initiatives at GRCC that support student success and to unite these initiatives toward the goal of helping students select, persist in, and successfully complete an academic program in a minimum amount of time.

Dean's Office - School of Arts and Sciences
Lead Transfer CAP (Michael Vargo)

Mike Vargo will lead this team. The team will continue specific intervention projects begun in 2013-16, and expand its efforts to include strengthening our transfer model and creating new opportunities for transfer for our students. Mike will be the champion of the Transfer End of the Strategic Plan and, therefore, oversee progress on all CAPs associated with that end. Amy Kirkbride will support this work, and this project will be part of Mike's and Amy's performance evaluations.

Student Records
eTranscripts (Valerie Butterfield)

We would like to implement e-transcripts as the method for students to request official transcripts to be sent to transfer institutions. This will provide 24/7 request and deliverability of transcripts and will offer additional customer support for students and GRCC staff.