Lakeshore Disability Accommodations Request

You must show your instructor a copy of your Accommodation Agreement during the first week of class before you are able to test. You will need to submit the webform at least three weekdays before testing.

The Acommodation Request form for final exams must be received seven weekdays prior to testing. Please note that holidays, weekends, and school closures do not count as weekdays.

Form Submission Deadlines for Testing

If you turn your form in: the earliest you can test is:
Monday by 12 p.m. Thursday
Tuesday by 12 p.m. Friday
Wednesday by 12 p.m. Monday
Thursday by 12 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday

You are expected to take your test at the same time you would in the classroom unless you have a scheduling conflict or the instructor’s permission.

Please remember it is your responsibility to remind your instructor of your test date and time to ensure your test is delivered on time. Please be advised you will be monitored/recorded while in testing rooms.

Personal Information
Course Information
Have you shown your instructor a copy of your Accommodations Agreement?
Test Information
Will you need a computer?
Computer Accommodation
Additional Accommodations
Additional Accommodations