B. Nan Schichtel M.L.S.; M.P.A.; C.T.A.

Information Literacy & Outreach Librarian
Nan Schichtel
(616) 234-3082
Fall & Winter: MTWRF: 7:30 - 3
Summer: through June 29 7:30-3
Available 8 a.m - 8 p.m. 7 days a week during the National Covid 19 Emergency

Book cover image for "Their Faith Lives On: St. Mary's Visitation Parish Histories"

Liaison Departments include: Careers; College Learning Studies; Counseling; Craft Brewing; Culinary; Dental Assisting/Hygiene; Distance Learning; Exercise Science; General Health; Medical Assistant; Nursing; Occupational Therapy Assistant; Off-Campus Library Services; Personal Trainer; Pharmacy Tech; Radiologic Technology; Sterile Processing.

Community & Professional Affiliations / Memberships:

  • American Library Association
  • Certified Tourism Ambassador
  • Grand Rapids History Detectives 2020
  • Grand Rapids Historical Society Trustee & Secretary
  • Grand Rapids Junior Chamber of Commerce Historian; Life Member
  • United States Junior Chamber of Commerce Senator

Publications and Presentations:

  • Schichtel, Barbara Nan. On Becoming a Local History Author, or, How Family Members Conned Me Into Giving Up Years of My Life to Write Their Book. Grand River Times. 38(2). Oct. 2016.  3-5. (uploaded with permission, President GRHS Gina Bivins, Oct. 2016)
  • Schichtel, Barbara Nan.  Their Faith Lives On: St. Mary's Visitation Parish Histories, New Salem, Michigan. Altona, Alberta CA: Friesen Books. 2013. E-book version: Grand Rapids MI: Grand Rapids Community College. 2015.
  • CONNECT Faculty Newsletter (Editor) Grand Rapids Community College. 2008-
  • Schichtel, Barbara Nan. Jesse Buttrick Davis and "His Boys": A History of the Early Grand Rapids Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1909-1929. Presentation for the Grand Rapids Historical Society. 2012.
  • Schichtel, Barbara Nan. Dr. Jesse Buttrick Davis and “His Boys:” The Early History of the Grand Rapids Junior Association of Commerce, 1909–1929. (Master’s Capstone Paper) Grand Valley State University: Public & Nonprofit Administration. October 2005.
  • Schichtel, Barbara Nan. Dr. Jesse B. Davis – This I Remember... Action Magazine of the Grand Rapids Junior Chamber of Commerce. May 2000, 24–25.
  • Schichtel, Barbara Nan. Fellow Jaycees, I Nominate.... Action Magazine of the Grand Rapids Junior Chamber of Commerce. November 1999, 18.
  • Schichtel, Barbara Nan. (Assistant Editor) Western Michigan Genealogical Society. Michigana. (1997–2000).
  • Schichtel, Barbara Nan. (Editor) Grand Rapids Business Journal Index. (1987–1996).
  • Schichtel, Barbara Nan. (Editor) Lakeland Library Cooperative. LAKENET Calendar of Events. (1986–1993)

Additional Resources