Make your gap year a productive one

A growing number of recent high school grads, and current college and university students, are considering taking a year off because of the uncertainty we all are facing this fall.

Some are doing it for financial reasons. Some are worried about safety and wellness, and want to stay close to home. Others are reevaluating their career plans and aren’t sure what they want to do.

Spend your gap year at GRCC

You can put your plans on pause to navigate the current uncertainty without falling behind. GRCC offers affordable classes while you stay close to home. You can take classes around your job or family responsibilities with flexible scheduling. Your general education classes from GRCC will easily transfer to four-year colleges and universities.


Private college tuition in Michigan averages about $990 per credit hour. Public college tuition averages about $500 per credit hour. But GRCC is $117 per contact hour for in-district students. You might also qualify for a Pell Grant, other financial aid, or a GRCC scholarship for classes this fall. Our experts can answer your questions.

There are even more savings during GRCC’s second summer session classes starting June 30, 2020, where course fees have been waived.

Seamless Transfer

GRCC offers many courses that meet bachelor's degree requirements at colleges and universities across Michigan. And we make transferring those credits easy. Plus, the Michigan Transfer Agreement allows you to transfer of up to 30 qualifying general education credits to any public college or university in Michigan.

Avoid falling behind

Only about 40 percent of the students who wait a year or two after high school to attend college end up completing a degree program. You can beat the odds by attending GRCC part time, and scheduling classes around work and home responsibilities. Stay on track and keep your skills sharp at GRCC.

Flexible Schedules

GRCC offers schedules designed to work around your home and job responsibilities, with:

  • Seven- or 14-week classes.
  • Online and hybrid distance learning formats.
  • Options to take classes during the day, in the evenings, and on the weekends. 

Meet with an admissions specialist to learn more.

Save money, take classes when it is convenient to you, and transfer the credits when you are ready to head to your four-year college or university.