West Michigan Flute Association

The purpose of the West Michigan Flute Association (WMFA) is to provide a showcase and forum for the flute. The WMFA will provide the opportunity for performance and the means to share knowledge, education, and resources with those playing, performing, teaching and promoting flute. 

The Middle School Flute Choir

The Middle School Flute Choir is a unique opportunity that develops and reinforces basic flute fundamentals in a group setting. Students work together to develop tone, pitch, rhythm, posture and basic knowledge of music literature. Contact Youth Personnel Director Theresa Saroff at 616-530-0232, or director Christy Kliewer can be reached at 616-866-9381.

The High School Flute Ensemble

The High School Flute Ensemble is open to any high school flutist currently enrolled in a school musical ensemble and/or studying flute privately. This ensemble will give high school flutists of West Michigan an opportunity to play in a flute ensemble, not usually available through school or other community organizations.

The High School Flute Chamber Choir

The High School Flute Chamber Choir is for flutists wanting more challenging music; an audition with the conductor is required for this group. The flute ensemble and chamber choir will give students a chance to perform not only on flute and piccolo, but will also include experiences on the alto and bass flutes. The ensemble's goal is to reach out and educate the young flutists in our community and give them a venue for performance. For more information contact Youth Personnel Director Theresa Saroff at 616-530-0232; or Director Danielle Breisach at 517-231-3897.

Adult Flute Orchestra

The adult Flute Orchestra is composed of about 50 post-college flutists from all over the lower Michigan peninsula, primarily from the west side of the state. Members play every flute from piccolo to contrabass flute. Auditions are held in August and January. Adults desiring more challenging music may also audition for the adult Chamber Choir in August. To receive more information contact Linda Spinella at 616-696-4701 or Director Darlene Dugan at 616-364-0076.

Visit the West Michigan Flute Association website for more information.