Nursing Admissions Checklist

Checklist for Admission to GRCC's Nursing Programs

  • Apply to GRCC and complete all admission requirements. If you have ever been a GRCC student in the past, you can skip this step.
  • Fill out the Health Admissions Application or contact our Health Admissions Coordinator at 616-234-4348.
  • With assistance from Health Admissions, complete the requirements to be placed on the waiting list for your desired program. You DO NOT need to complete the "Pre-Nursing Semester" to be eligible for the waiting list. (Waiting list requirements: PN Program / RN Program)
  • Receive a letter of notification from Health Admissions stating that you have been added to the waiting list. NOTE: You must keep your contact information UP TO DATE via the Online Center. 
  • While you are on the waiting list, complete any prerequisite courses listed in the “Pre-Nursing Semester” section of the curriculum for your program. NOTE: There are also some general education courses required for the ADN (RN) program which should be taken while you are waiting. (ADN Curriculum | PN Curriculum)
  • Receive letter of notification from the Nursing Department’s Student Intake Specialist, stating that it is time to schedule your EDP (Educational Development Plan). CALL THE NURSING DEPARTMENT BEFORE THE STATED DEADLINE to schedule this meeting.