Essential Abilities and Technical Standards

Student in cap and gown standing next to GRCC balloons.

Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) is committed to admitting qualified students without regard to age, race, color, religion, marital status, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, height, weight, national origin, disability, veteran status or genetics.  GRCC defines a qualified applicant as a person who demonstrates the intelligence and skills necessary to complete a rigorous curriculum designed to make students proficient in the field and meet the technical standards for the chosen industry. In obtaining a degree, this signifies an individual’s mastery of general knowledge in all fields requisite and is prepared for practice in the individuals chosen profession.

In order to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, students must possess certain sensory and motor functions that permit them to carry out the activities related to the chosen profession with or without accommodation. Technical accommodation is available to assist in certain cases and throughout certain programs in cases of disability as covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) as amended and the Rehabilitation Act (1973) as amended. However, under all circumstances, a degree candidate should be able to perform the essential functions of the job and meet the technical standards of the profession in a reasonably independent manner.

Essential Abilities and Technical Standards Template

While using the template, understand that there does not need to be a paragraph associated with each heading, or even amendments to the included text. This document is meant to serve as guidelines.

What is necessary for the sake of consistency is the headings.  Each of the following sections should remain in the document, i.e. (Judgment Skills, Physical/Neurological Functions, Communication Skills, Emotional Coping Skills, Intellectual/Conceptual Skills, and Other Behavioral Attributes). The information that follows can be a set of bullet points or a smaller paragraph with specific skills for each.