Accessibility Advocate (A2) Program

female student standing in front of Grand Rapids Community College sign smiling

What is an Accessibility Advocate?

An Accessibility Advocate is an individual who works to ensure that every member of the GRCC campus community has physical, academic, and participatory access equal to those without disabilities.  This means providing insight, assistance and clarity in situations where lack of informed intervention may prevent an individuals’ access to programs or services on the basis of ability. It is the goal of the Accessibility Advocate to impact the campus by encouraging accessibility over compliance, addressing issues of social justice and reminding individuals that student success means assuring all students regardless of ability are afforded equal footing in the classroom or campus environment.

By becoming an Accessibility Advocate identified for within a specific departmental unit or program, individuals will be viewed as an informal authority on whether programs, services, course content or communication delivery methods are or will be accessible to all. This requires vigilance as well as an openness to both communication and collaborative research to find ways to say yes as opposed to no in scenarios that impact our students.