Programs and Workshops

Ladies sitting at table waiting for workshop to begin

The Office of Accessibility offers several programs and workshops for faculty and staff on a variety of topics. Below you'll find just a few examples of our available opportunities:

Accessibility Advocates (A2)

The Accessibility Advocate workshops (or A2 Workshops) are designed to take employees from across campus and train them in a series of workshops designed to create informal experts on universal curriculum design, principles of accessible learning and social justice advocacy in achieving ease of access for all.

There are four A2 workshops offered for both Faculty and Staff through the Center for Teaching Excellence and Staff Development. These workshops will be offered during the Fall and Winter semesters, but in order to be recognized as an A2 you must complete all four sessions - which can be supplemented by other ADA related workshops.

The ABC's of ADAAA

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • What does the acronym ADAAA mean, really?
  • Beyond the legal jargon and context where it is applicable, what are the rights and responsibilities of faculty, staff and students?
  • What is the process for requesting and receiving an accommodation should you or a colleague require one?
  • What’s the difference between FMLA, Workman’s Compensation and a Disability Accommodation Request?

This workshop answers all of these questions and more. There is also information here beneficial in how to provide accommodations as an employer, advocate for accommodations as an employee and how to write an ADA compliant job description that considers essential and marginal functions.