ODEI Student Support Programs Interest Form

Welcome to ODEI Student Support Programs. As a member of a GRCC student support program, we would like to get to know you and how we can help you achieve success at GRCC. 

By filling out this brief form, you will automatically be enrolled in the program(s) you have selected. 

In order to maximize your success and to use College resources responsibly, you will be expected to actively participate in student support program activities to remain a member of the support program you have selected. Failure to participate may make you ineligible for future program benefits.

Student Support Programs Interest Form
Student Support Programs
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Student Clearance and Approval

I understand that by signing this form, the information I provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge. My signature will serve as my indicated commitment to the selected Student Support Program(s) at GRCC.

I understand that the indicated Student Support Program(s) of interest will use information for educational purposes only.

I am authorizing the indicated Student Support Program(s) of interest to share and/or obtain information from the registration, advising and counseling, financial aid office, instructors, administrators, student life office, and any other relevant GRCC staff or faculty person who has a vested interest in my academic success and overall well-being.