Training and Development

Holding hands.

Training and Development is an essential factor in moving GRCC stakeholders toward a shared understanding of equity goals. ODEI offers a three-tier cultural competency curriculum that provides tangible best practices in advancing equity through recruitment, hiring, training, performance review, pedagogical methods, support services, and student engagement.

Participants start the program with the Institute for Healing Racism, an initiative in partnership with Grand Rapids Chamber. The next tier, Intergroup Dialogue, invites participants to examine their lived experiences within a diverse world. The final tier of the curriculum is the Cultural Competence Institute, an advanced level of training that fosters organizational and structural change in environments where conscious or non-conscious cognitive behaviors influence prejudice and discrimination.

Use the web links below to explore the three-tier curriculum:

  1. Institute for Healing Racism
  2. Intergroup Dialogue
  3. Cultural Competence Institute