Student Voices

"The Convenience of Online Courses"

As a student, I really like the online courses that GRCC offers. I have taken a couple of online courses and love that I don’t have to leave my house and drive to class. I can just read the course material and do the homework from the comfort of my couch. My favorite part about online courses is the flexibility I get. I can do my assignments anytime and anywhere, as long as I have a computer and Internet access. So I feel like I have more freedom since I am not confined to a traditional classroom setting.

Another great thing about online classes is that the instructor uses Blackboard more often so I can see up to date grades when ever I want. Some instructors never use the Grade center in Blackboard so I don’t know what my grade is when I want to know, which is very annoying. So I think every student should try it out once and see how they like taking online courses.

Name: Isaac
Location: Sparta
Future Plans: Transfer to Michigan State University and obtain a degree in Engineering


"The Online Experience"

As a student and employee at Grand Rapids Community College, I have been enrolled into online classes for the past year, and currently taking two psychology courses. The best part about online classes is the flexible schedule and individual learning. Being a father of two, this has given me a chance to spend time with them, and creates more free time to relax. After sitting in the classroom for the past three years of college and all throughout high school, it was time for a change.

Online learning has taught me new features, such as Blackboard, safe assignment and discussion board. Online classes have allowed me to open up with more and more people. In the classroom, you may feel intimidated or uninterested in having conversations with your classmates or professors. The online experience gives you the comfort of having discussions behind close doors rather than face to face.

Name: Geoff
Location: Grand Rapids
Future Plans: Obtain a degree in Sociology and minor in Psychology, Go into Counseling and Education


"My Experience with Online Classes"

This Fall Semester is the first semester that I have taken an online class. The class is CJ 110 or Introduction to Criminal Justice, and is rather an easy class. I love it mainly because I don’t feel pressured. When you are in class there are other students around and you have to pay attention to everything the teacher is saying.

In an online class you are assigned a chapter to read in your textbook then you have to do a discussion board, which is basically where the teacher post topics to discuss with your class. I really enjoy this because it allows me to see what other people think about the specific topics. When it comes to taking tests, you have a practice test that is not timed. This is great because it allows me to practice and understand more about what I am reading. When you do begin the graded test you have an hour to complete it and you are able to use any kind of notes including the textbook.

I like online classes because I have the freedom to do the work when I want without worrying about going to class.

Name: Ariel
Location: Grand Rapids
Future Plans: Pursuing Radiology and plan to transfer to GVSU or Davenport U


"Flexible Schedules provide Opportunity"

I took PS 110, Survey of American Government as an online course my first semester at GRCC. The online course provided me with an opportunity to earn my college credit in a required class and still maintain a flexible schedule for my other courses and work. Each week we were responsible for completing a class discussion board and maintaining interaction with our classmates.

I did the assignments when I had the time within the week that they were due. I didn’t have to report to class several times a week, I did everything at my own leisure. While it was hard to get the motivation to do the reading and take my tests, it was nice to do everything at my own pace.

Name: Kaelee
Location: Comstock Park
Future Plans: Transfer to GVSU and obtain a degree in Elementary Education