Chemical Technology

Technology equipment used in chemical technology labs

The Chemical Technology program prepares students to work in chemical industries. Chemical technicians, whether they specialize in chemistry, polymers or biochemistry, are valuable members of research, development and production teams. A majority of chemical technicians are involved in laboratory work such as product development, chemical and physical testing, and analysis. Technicians may design and implement experiments as well as operate and maintain laboratory equipment and perform analytical procedures. Typically, the results of their work must be analyzed, interpreted and reported to lead scientists. Those technicians working outside the lab may supervise production processes, install pilot plants and monitor the development of products and processes through scale-up from laboratory to production. Technical sales, writing and advertising are other areas of employment open to chemical technicians.

This program in Chemical Technology provides high-quality training for students preparing to work in independent or government laboratories or in firms engaged in the development, production, sale or use of chemical products. Laboratories involved in environmental issues are an increasingly important source of jobs in the field of chemical technology. Chemical technologists may also have the opportunity to work in biomedical laboratories in the area.

Other than enjoying chemistry and science, there are no special requirements to enter the Chemical Technology program.  Students in the Chemical Technology program may qualify for either the Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences degree or the Associate of Science degree. Those students who want an Associate of Science degree should be sure to meet the humanities and social science requirements for that degree.

The curriculum guides are presented as a guide only. Students are expected to confer with a Chemical Technology program advisor in order to base their choices on their own goals and the strength of their previous college experience. For more information, please contact Dr. Tom Neils at