Course Offerings in Engineering

Do you enjoy knowing how things work? Do you ever think of new or better ways of doing things? When you get a gift that says "assembly required" do you put it together yourself? Do you like to know why?

If you fall under any of these areas, you should contact:

Nancy Forrest
phone: 616-234-4276 

EG 110 - Industrial Graphics With CAD

In this course students learn to interpret and create industrial drawings. Students use AutoCAD to create single and multiview drawings using proper view position, auxiliary views, and section views. Students are introduced to: dimensioning, tolerances, threads and fasteners, as well as basic functions in CAD necessary to manage files.
Course Fee: $15 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


EG 201 - Advanced Engineering Graphics

This course expands knowledge of the concepts learned in EG 110. Students learn Advanced Engineering Graphics using Autocad and/or Solidworks. Topics include detail and assembly weldments, working drawings, developments for sheet metal and packaging, gears and cams, and plant layout.
Course Fee: $15 (Tuition Rates & Fees)