Transfer Scholarships and Research Opportunities

The Physical Science faculty work closely with several transfer institutions who have secured scholarship assistance for GRCC transfer students. The following programs are currently funded and we strongly encourage our students to apply for these prestigious scholarships and programs. For information on more research programs through out the country go to


GRCC / Hope College Research Program

Hope College and GRCC have partnered to provide the opportunity for GRCC students to gain experience carrying out research in the chemical laboratory. Students will be working on research projects at GRCC that coincide with projects being carried out at Hope College.  There will be a limited number of chemistry research positions open at GRCC each Winter semester. Students will be selected to participate in the GRCC research program based on their responses to the following questions and on their academic performance at GRCC. All students who participate in the GRCC research program will be eligible to apply for a summer research position at Hope College. The selection of the students for the Hope College summer program will be made during the Winter semester by the Hope College faculty.

Applications will be available in the Fall Semester and in addition to a GRCC transcript (official or unofficial) will require typed answers to the following questions on a separate sheet(s) of paper. Application deadlines will be posted each year.

1. Educational Background: Tell us about your high school and college courses that have prepared you for working in a science laboratory.

2. Laboratory/Technical Experience: Tell us about any experiences that you have had carrying out hands-on activities in a lab or in a workplace.

3. Future Goals: Tell us about your educational and career plans.  Explain how you believe that this research experience would play a role in your plans.

For more information, please contact Dr. Tom Neils, Physical Science, or 616-234-4219.

S-STEM Scholarship Program at Hope College

The S-STEM Scholarship Program at Hope College provides scholarships to students transferring to Hope from community colleges enabling them to complete a baccalaureate-level degree the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). 

This scholarship program is funded by the National Science Foundation and each year up to eight S-STEM scholarships are awarded to incoming students who meet the program criteria, which includes demonstrated financial need. The S-STEM scholarships provides up to $10,000 each year, for up to two years, toward tuition, room, and board costs. S-STEM recipients are offered an opportunity to do paid scientific research on the Hope College campus during the summer before they transfer. S-STEM Scholars also take part in a variety of opportunities designed to provide information about career opportunities and give students special academic assistance.

For more information, please contact Dr. Tom Neils, or 616-234-4219

MICUP Program between Michigan Tech and GRCC

The MICUP (Michigan College/University Partnership) program provides students with the opportunity for a summer research internships. Students will work closely with a Michigan Tech faculty member who will assist in their research, take a class and receive academic advising and tutoring all within an expense-paid, residential experience. Current GRCC students interested in careers in Business, Computer Science, Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Secondary Education and Psychology who are first generation, low-income and underrepresented in the above fields are eligible.  A 2.8 or higher GPA is required for participation.   

For more information contact Anna Maria Clark, M.S.W., Program Advisor, 616-234-4131,