Course Offerings in Geology

GL 101 - Introduction to Geology

This course is designed as a laboratory science course for non-science majors and as the first course for students interested in a degree in geology or a related science. The basic principles of geology are covered, including plate tectonics, minerals and rocks, the water cycle, glaciers, topographic maps and geologic time.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


GL 104 - Historical Geology

This is a general geology course examining how our planet has changed over time. The course focuses on the methods and techniques used to interpret Earths history, including rock and fossil identification, interpretation of sedimentary environments, stratigraphic correlation, interpretation of geologic maps and cross-sections. Topics include geologic time, evolution of continents and ocean basins, and history of life on Earth. This course is the second semester of a geology sequence for students majoring in geology or related fields.
Course Fee: $10 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


GL 106 - Environmental Geoscience

This course is an introduction to geologic principles and explores the relationship between humans and their physical environment. It is designed for nonscience majors and as an elective for geology majors. Topics include geologic hazards including volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunami, and landslides; water resources and hazards; global climate change and major climate controls; and mineral and energy resources.
Course Fee: None (Tuition Rates & Fees)


GL 111 - Earth Science for Education

This course is designed to prepare elementary education majors with the science background necessary to teach the earth science subjects included in the Michigan Content Expectations. GL 111 does not serve as a teaching methods course. Topics to be covered are plate tectonics, the rock cycle and minerals, the water cycle, weather, and the solar system. Successful completion of EN 100 or EN 101 is recommended before taking this course.
Course Fee: $5 (Tuition Rates & Fees)