Course Offerings in Physical Science

PC 101 - General Physical Science

This is a survey course for non-science majors looking for a hands-on minds-on science course that meets Gen-Ed transfer requirements. It is a good course for students pursuing careers in elementary education, criminal justice, and anyone interested in increasing basic scientific literacy. Topics include the concepts of matter and energy, the conservation laws, measurement, physical, chemical and nuclear changes, the periodic table and bonding, electricity, magnetism, heat and light. Real world contexts are used as a basis for understanding the course content in a lecture-lab format.
Course Fee: $26 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


PC 141 - Science of Sound

This course is a survey of the nature of sound, and the relationship between perceived quantities (pitch, loudness, etc.) and measurable quantities (frequency, amplitude, etc.). The major emphasis is on room acoustics, including recording studios, home listening rooms and auditoriums.
Course Fee: $20 (Tuition Rates & Fees)