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Energy Technician Certificate

The Energy Technician Certificate Program combines both credit class as well as non-credit classes from GRCC. This stackable credential program allows a student the flexibility to take core courses prior to determining which pathway they would like to pursue.

A successful student who completes the certificate program will earn certifications in American Red Cross Certifications and Energy Industry Fundamentals Certificate.

Students will also receive training in test preparation for apprentice opportunities, basic electricity, blueprint reading, hand and power tools, project management and health/endurance training. 

Enrollment is now open for this program. 

Program classes

Credit classes

  • TE 272 Industrial Safety
  • WE 156 CPR/AED/First Aid
  • WE 134 Strength and Conditioning
  • EL 101 Basic Electricity
  • EL 163 Electrical Troubleshooting
  • AR 125 Blueprint Reading
  • TE 103 Intermediate Technical Math

Non-credit classes (not financial aid eligible)

  • Energy Industry Fundamentals
  • Basic Hand and Power Tools

Additional certificate

Success students completing the one-year certificate may choose to enter the pre-lineworker program by taking the following courses.

  • Lineworker Climbing Clinics (2)
  • Lineworker Physical Fitness

Following the successful completion of the above two courses, the student will attend the Climbing School offered through Jackson College in Marshall Michigan.  

Program Cost and Duration

The certificate program is 17 contact hours.  Tuition rates and fees for the college.  So in-district (person resides in the Kent Intermediate School District) pays $120 per contact hour = $2,040 plus fees. If a student lives out of the GRCC tax district it is $253 per contact hour = $4,301 plus fees.

Fees vary depending on how many classes they take at one time and what mode of delivery a student chooses.  Fees include:

  1. Additional $16/ per contact hour for online courses,
  2. A records fee that varies between $26.50 - $37 per person - depending on number of contact hours.

In West Michigan there are over 1500 job opportunities in the next five years involving six employer partners.  The in-demand jobs opportunities are in gas operations, heavy equipment operation, electric operations, and line clearance tree trimming.

In partnership with Consumers Energy, DTE, Energy Sciences, Holland Board of Public Works, InfraSource and Lewis Tree Service, GRCC has developed a one-year program for those interested in a career in the field of energy.

Wage rage for possible positions in the energy field depending on the career pathway chosen. Positions and wages are not guaranteed. 

  • Grounds Person, Trimmer Trainee and possibly trimmer. $16 - 22. More with CDL
  • Utility Worker- starting $18.00 and progress to $26.00
  • Distribution Worker- starting $20.00 and progress to $35.00
  • Field Service Worker- starting $20.00 and progress to $35.00
  • Line Worker- $42 per hour
  • Customer Service Representative - $21 per hour
  • Gas Lines Construction Laborer - $38 per hour
  • Technician- varies

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