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Introduction to Distance Learning

Welcome to distance learning!

If you're new to distance learning at GRCC, complete the Introduction to Distance Learning (IDL) tutorial, which can be found by logging in to Blackboard and selecting the option under “My Course List."

While this tutorial is optional during COVID-19, it can be incredibly useful in preparing to learn online.

Tech Needs and Support

Before classes start, we recommend you get familiar with using:

  • Your device (computer, tablet or mobile)
  • Your Online Center
    • This is where you'll go to enroll in classes, check your financial aid status and more.
  • Blackboard
    • Most of your classroom interaction will take place in Blackboard.
    • Check to make sure your browser is compatible with Blackboard.
    • Bookmark Blackboard's Help for Students page.
  • Your IT Support and resources
    • GRCC has a team of specialists ready to help you troubleshoot challenges with your devices, student email and applications like the Online Center and Blackboard.

After you've enrolled, set yourself up for success

There are several ways to get a headstart on future assignments.

  1. Read everything.
    • Be sure to read all course information, syllabi, instructions, contact information, and schedule information. 
  2. Create a calendar.
    • Check out how to create a free calendar with Google GSuite.
    • Mark due dates in your calendar along with blocks of time you can work on the assignment in advance.
  3. Sign in daily.
    • Sign in to Blackboard as a daily practice.
    • Check your GRCC student email each day. Your professors use email to communicate important deadlines and information.
  4. Know where to go for help.
    • Know you can do it! Have confidence in yourself, your academic ability and expect to be successful!
    • If you ever feel like you're behind or need extra help, you have access to the same services and resources online as your peers that take courses in-seat.
  5. Check in with yourself.