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Pre-Dietetics, A.A. (Western Michigan University)

Take the first step toward a career in private dietetic practice, or as a clinical dietitian, with your pre-major in Dietetics!

You will work in:

  • Private practice.
  • Hospitals.
  • Food and nutrition services.
  • Restaurants, hotels and industrial facilities.
  • Schools, colleges, universities and the armed forces.
  • Community health agencies.

When you graduate from the Pre-Dietetics program at GRCC you will transfer as a junior to Western Michigan University (WMU) to complete your bachelor’s degree in Dietetics. 

The Dietetics program at WMU integrates and applies the principles of the food and nutrition sciences, human behavior, and the biomedical sciences to design and manage effective nutrition programs in a variety of settings. The program includes instruction in:

  • Human nutrition.
  • Nutrient metabolism.
  • The role of foods and nutrition in health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Planning and directing food service activities.
  • Diet and nutrition analysis and planning.
  • Supervision of food storage and preparation.
  • Client education.
  • Professional standards and regulations.

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