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Biology 101E for Educators

Course Description 

Biology 101E is a course for students pursuing a career in Elementary or Secondary Education.

  • The course will provide a broad perspective on the fundamental scientific realm of biology.
  • It will explore concepts including:
    • the cellular basis of life
    • the genes and their control of organisms
    • energy and its capture and use by organisms
    • the application of evolution as a strand throughout all of biology
    • the dynamics of populations and their environment
    • and the diversity of living things and their interactions with each other
  • The course is specifically designed to prepare the pre-service teacher with the background needed in biological concepts for the elementary student.
  • With this course, students will be given opportunity to apply accumulated biological knowledge, address issues facing us as a society, gain confidence in problem solving strategies, and actively demonstrate good scientific investigation. 
  • Most significantly, students in this course will then be able to propose ways to make them understandable and meaningful to children. 

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