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Child Development A.A.A.S. (with and without MTA)

Child Development is a field of study that prepares professionals to provide care and education for children from birth through age eight. Professionals in this field provide interactions and learning experiences that promote the young child's intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth and development. This program prepares students to teach in and direct child care centers, Head Start programs, part-day preschools and to serve as pre-K to 3rd grade teacher aides in public schools. Students are involved in a variety of hands-on lab experiences with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school-age, special needs children at the GRCC Lab Preschool and other sites in the community.

Please refer to the catalog for more information regarding:

Child Development, A.A.A.S. with MTA (120)

Child Development, A.A.A.S. without MTA (180)

Child Development A.A.A.S. (Western Michigan University - Child & Family Development) (634)

Pre-Early Childhood Education, A.A. (3 + 1, Ferris State University) (616)

Students in the Pre-Early Childhood Education program will first complete the Child Development A.A.A.S. with MTA (120) before moving into this program. Students should be regularly meeting with a Child Development/Education advisor if they are interested in this program.

Description of MTA

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