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Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP)

The AMP program will not start a new a cohort in 2020


The Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP) program is a collaboration between West Michigan manufacturers, students, and Grand Rapids Community College to address the talent shortage the region is experiencing. Companies provide a full-ride scholarship for students to obtain an Associate Degree while working for the sponsoring company. The first AMP cohort began in Fall 2012 with 15 students; this cohort completed their program at the end of the fall 2014 semester.  Since then there have been five additional cohorts in Fall 2013, Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall 2016 and Fall 2018 that have begun.  Due to low student interest, the Fall 2017 cohort was canceled.

This partnership is unique in that the curriculum and schedule is determined by the participating companies and Grand Rapids Community College. All of the AMP “classes” are run in a cohort fashion with classes scheduled and reserved specifically for the AMP students. The school schedule is determined by a planning team of participating companies before the start of each cohort.

Grand Rapids Community College currently one AMP cohort with a second one being planned!

  • AMP I began in Fall 2012 with 15 students with a graduation in December 2014.
  • AMP II began in Fall 2013 with 9 students and will complete their degree in December 2015.
  • AMP III began in Fall 2014 with 21 students, the degree will be completed in Summer 2016.
  • AMP IV began in Fall 2015 with 13 students.
  • AMP V began in Fall 2016 with 15 students.
  • AMP VI began in Fall 2018 with 9 students.

Companies that have previously or currently participating with AMP are:  Alliance CNC, Anderson Global, Autocam Medical, DeWys Manufacturing, Herman Miller, NN Inc., Paragon Die and Engineering, Padnos, Rapid-Line, RoMan Manufacturing, Steelcase, Transmatic, Wolverine Coil Spring and Woodward. 

Student testimonial

"I like working with my hands – a lot like my uncle and my grandfather did, but for me, it's different. I have to work with my head as well as my hands. I have to use computers, read plans, understand a whole project, be able to communicate effectively, and talk to coworkers, employers and customers. Still, the best part is seeing what I made."  ~AMP student