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Plastics-Polymer Engineering Technology

Plastics-polymer engineering professionals are integral to our economy’s largest industries. Engineers in this field produce an increasing variety of healthcare equipment, automobile parts, household goods and a multitude of items our society requires on a daily basis. The workforce that supports these large industries continues to grow at national and local levels, and at GRCC, we’re preparing students to meet that rising demand in employment.

Our program provides students with hands-on learning opportunities to study injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, thermoforming and other processes. Program graduates and transfer students leave GRCC ready to find professional success right here in Western Michigan’s rapidly growing industry and beyond.

We encourage students to tailor the program to meet their education and training needs by offering:

  • work experience through co-op courses.
  • the potential to bypass courses by passing challenge exams.
  • the option to choose a certificate before completing their degree.
  • advanced-standing credits available for many high school students.
  • flexible class scheduling.

Our application process makes it easy to apply today!

Society of Plastics Engineers 

Faculty Advisors

Scott Lampe

Phone: (616) 234-3652 Email: ATC 241

Troy Walwood

Phone: (616) 234-3640 Email: ATC 241