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Quality Science Degree and Certificate Programs

Our Quality Science students are given first-rate instruction with state-of-the-art equipment to learn the skills necessary to succeed as technicians or engineers. Professionals in this industry assure the quality of raw materials and finished products, and devise unique methods of quality control to assure the quality of products and processes within their area of responsibility.

Our program prepares students through hands-on learning as they study statistics process control, experimental design, assurance plans and procedures, and conduct appropriate tests and prepare detailed reports about products and processes.

Our graduates and transfer students who enter the workforce have critical jobs in promoting the continuous improvement of products and processes across industries worldwide.

We encourage students to tailor the program to meet their education and training needs by offering:

  • work experience through co-op courses.
  • the potential to bypass courses by passing challenge exams.
  • the option to choose a certificate before completing their degree.
  • advanced-standing credits available for many high school students.
  • flexible class scheduling.

Our application process makes it easy to apply today!

American Society for Quality 

Faculty Advisor

Nathan Spahn


Phone: (616) 234-2244

ATC 131