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Whether building a space shuttle, television set, or automobile part, workers follow 3-D models and drawings that show the exact dimensions and specifications of the entire design. The individuals that create these models and support documents are designers.

Designers prepare detailed drawings based on rough sketches, specifications and calculations. Designers also calculate the strength, quality, quantity and cost of materials. Final drawings contain a detailed views of the object as well as specifications for materials to be used, procedures followed and other information needed to make the part or assembly. Those seeking careers in this area should consider GRCC’s Mechanical Design program.

The College has incorporated into the Mechanical Design program the latest information and techniques in computer aided design (CAD)and parametric modeling. A 3-D printing machine is used to give students the most up-to-date training available and to maximize their employment opportunities.

Graduates of GRCC’s Mechanical Design program have opportunities in such careers as mechanical design; tool, die, mold, machine and product design; and engineering technician.

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