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The MTA Option

The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) Option

The Associates of Music 2-year option will allow music students to complete the freshman and sophomore music requirements, while completing two-thirds of the general education courses required for the MTA. An alternative to transferring with course deficiencies in general education classes is the Associates of Music Degree, with MTA. Students who begin working on the Associates of Music Degree after Fall Semester 2014 will have the opportunity to complete the requirements established by the Michigan Transfer Agreement. The MTA differs from the older MACRAO by requiring a lab science, a non-lab science and a math course.

Whether the student transfers at junior level is contingent upon many factors, grades in classes are not the least of these. Students who achieve A/B work in their music classes at GRCC stand a good chance of transferring at the junior level. A grade of C could mean that students may transfer at the sophomore or freshman levels. Prior to transfer, most schools will require a battery of examinations. These examinations will take place in the areas of music theory, applied music, piano and occasionally music history. Upon completion of these exams, the transfer institution will determine the level of each student. GRCC has established articulation agreements with Grand Valley State University and Western Michigan University that allow students who have completed the Associates of Music to transfer without taking pretests. Students will audition for the school of music and following acceptance, all GRCC music courses will transfer.

GVSU and WMU Transfer Agreements

Students who wish to transfer to Grand Valley State
University (GVSU) or Western Michigan University
(WMU) will complete either the Associate of Music Degree
or the Associate of Music Degree with MTA. After
performing a successful audition, all music and non- music
classes will transfer. No pretests will be required.

Music Education Majors Transferring to WMU

  • Western Michigan University students who are enrolled in the music education curriculum track are now required to take two music education classes prior to their junior year.
  • MUS 1800 Experiencing Music Education 2 hours (Offered during the second semester-freshman year of undergraduate training.) GRCC Music Education majors should enroll in MUS 183 (Introduction to Music Education) during the winter semester of their second year in the program. This course will transfer as the equivalent to MUS 1800 at WMU.
  • MUS 2480 Teaching and Learning in Music 3 hours (Offered during the first semester- sophomore year of undergraduate training.)
  • Students who transfer to WMU for music education will be required to complete both MUS 1800 and MUS 2480 prior to enrolling in any junior level music education courses.
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