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College Choir - MUS 189

MUS 189, College Choir

Dr. Caleb Wenzel, Director of Choral Activities

1 credit

MUS 189, College Choir is designed as an open-enrollment, non-audition choir open to any student at GRCC. Students who sang in their high school choirs or are currently singing in another type of choir and are interested in continuing their choral experience are welcome. Skills taught will be basic vocal pedagogy, music reading and ear training skills along with basic choral ensemble skills.


The College Choir will perform 2-3 times yearly. The College Choir will meet two hours weekly. Grading is based on attendance and punctuality to rehearsals and concerts, and demonstrated competency of the music being studied in the class.

Class schedule

Tuesday and Thursday, 12:45-1:45 p.m.


Enroll today or for more information, call (616) 234-2294 or email Dr. Barton.