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Competitor Rules and Registration

The GRCC Guitar Competition is open to all Classical Guitarists. The fee to compete is $75.00. The Competition will be held in three rounds. The preliminary round will be a video submission round, the semi-final and final round will be live.

Competitor Registration Link

Must Include Your Preliminary Youtube Performance, Payment of $75.00, Your Name and Your E-mail Address.


Preliminary Round

The preliminary round will be an 8 minute unlisted youtube link video performance. The video and competitor fee will be submitted during the registration process. Competitors must submit their video and payment by August 15, 2020 to be considered for the semi-final round. 

Semi-Final Round

18 competitors will be selected from the preliminary round to compete in the semi-final round. The semi-final round will be 8 minutes of music of your choice. The preliminary repertoire can be repeated in this round. 

Final Round

6 will be selected to perform in the final round. The final round will be 10 minutes of music of your choice. The final round must be repertoire not played in the preliminary and semifinal round. 


First Place: $1,000 + Paid Winner's Concert the Following Competition Year (You must be In the United States to be eligible for this performance) 

Second Place: $750

Third Place: $500