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Mission Statement

The mission of the Performing Arts Department is to:

  • Provide an excellent music education.
  • Encourage and nurture creativity and appreciation in all areas of musicianship.
  • Enhance lives through quality musical experience.
  • Further the evolution and development of the arts, through faculty member contributions to their discipline.

Belief Statement

We work to accomplish our mission by placing a high value on:

A mission and vision driven by our students' expectations

Our success depends on how effectively we meet the needs of our students as we develop the listening tools necessary to gather and understand their different perspectives. Their expressed expectations inevitably form part of an ongoing discussion and refinement of the mission and vision. We work to ensure that faculty understand the music unit's mission, goals and direction and can use their understanding to inform their individual work goals and decision-making strategies.

The Role of Arts in Society

We believe the arts to be of primary importance to the survival of the civilization, to the health of the society and to the quality of life of each individual member.

We believe art is not just entertainment; not just a luxury; not just a pleasant pastime; not just momentary gratification; not just activity for the elite.

The experience of art allows us to participate in the universal creative process, open hearts and minds, awaken feelings and brings delight and joy.

There is no culture without the arts.

Music Education and the Student

We believe that the creative process is fulfilling and gratifying when emphasis is placed on freedom of expression. In the struggle to create, we seek to foster:

  • Opportunities for individual self-expression
  • The development of artistic growth and specific artistic skills
  • An understanding of the creative process that can be used in all walks of life
  • The expression of one's inner vision and personal truth
  • Appreciation for the musical art
  • The development of ethics and the ability to recognize what is necessary for creative integrity
  • The building of self-confidence
  • The joy of communication, and the fulfillment and gratification that can come when artistic works are performed

A Learning-Centered Culture

We believe that we can best accomplish our mission when not only the process of student learning is a major focus in all institutional thinking, but also personal learning by the faculty, staff and administrators is important. Through this we create:

  • An empathetic atmosphere in which students are of primary importance
  • An understanding of, and appreciation for, the different learning styles of students
  • A broad environment that allows students to participate in a variety of musical experiences

The ultimate goal of this student-oriented process is to foster appreciation, artistic growth and development. This, in turn, can lead to significant artistic production.

Statement Of Strategy

We seek to accomplish our mission by the following strategies:

  1. Serving Students

    We provide a learning environment that fosters and nourishes creative thought and provides students the opportunity to:

    1. Develop the skills needed to acquire employment in their discipline
    2. Develop the skills needed to transfer to other educational institutions
    3. Use the arts disciplines to develop life skills (e.g. critical and creative thinking)
  2. Serving the Community

    We support the musical arts in the greater Grand Rapids community and help create demand for this art form by:

    1. Contributing our experience to the community
    2. Building and developing community music organizations and participating in the network of these community organizations
    3. Providing opportunities for community members to practice and develop their musical art
    4. Providing information to the community as an arts resource
    5. Sponsoring and delivering workshops that are open to the community
    6. Providing music education to K-12 school districts
    7. GRCC Music students, faculty and guest artists invited by the department offer numerous concerts, recitals, and other performances each year both on campus and in a variety of settings throughout the community.
  3. Furthering Music as a Discipline

    As professional musicians, we contribute to the development of our discipline by:

    1. Actively participating as professionals in the community
    2. Engaging in opportunities for professional development