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Eligibility Requirements

An Occupational Support Program student is a student who:

  • Is formally enrolled in GRCC program that leads directly to a high wage, high demand, or high skill career upon graduation.
  • Is leaning towards a certificate or associate¬†degree and is committed to complete a career development process to be able to confirm a specific occupational curriculum.

And also meets one or more of the following:

  • Pell Grant Eligible.
  • Enrolled in a Non-traditional curriculum (by gender).
  • English Learner.
  • Individual with a documented disability.
  • Single parent or single, pregnant individual.
  • Previous foster youth.
  • Person who is homeless or housing insecure.
  • Returning to the workforce after extended absence.

Criteria to remain active with Occupational Support Program:

  • Complete career assessment or review career labor market information to help confirm degree choice.
  • Participate in services 2 times every semester:
    • Meeting with OSP advisor.
    • Attending group event or workshop.
    • Employer visit.
    • Career or Job Readiness activity.