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Gerontology is the study of the field of aging, and focuses on a basic understanding of processes, programs, and policies related to aging; these include the process of aging, and particularly the biological, behavioral and social aspects of later life.

Career Opportunities

With the older population expanding twice as fast as the general population, there is a growing need for knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate individuals to provide assistance and support to older adults and their families. The demand for qualified individuals in the field of gerontology is expected  to increase much faster than average because of the growth of the aging population and programs designated to provide services to older persons.

With GRCC’s Gerontology Certificate program, you can:

  • Earn a certificate along with another degree(such as Nursing or Occupational Therapy Assistant).
  • Earn a certificate as a credential to complement your current degrees or professional certifications.
  • Earn a certificate to enhance your skills and employability in a transfer degree program such as social work or business.
  • Take individual classes to enhance your skills.

Advantages of GRCC’s Gerontology Certificate Program

GRCC is a member of the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE). The Certificate program meets AGHE standards. A Gerontology Certificate could enhance your employability and improve your job performance in many fields. You can complete this certificate program in one year or part-time at your own pace.

Certificate Requirements

The Certificate in Gerontology at GRCC requires a minimum of 18 credit hours. The following lists both the required and elective courses.

Required Classes:

  • GO-261, Growing Old in a New Age
  • GO-262, Aging in America
  • GO-263, Death and Dying
  • PY-264, Psychology of Aging

Any two of the following elective classes:

  • PY-201, General Psychology
  • PY-231, Abnormal Psychology
  • PY-232, Developmental Psychology
  • PY-260, Social Psychology
  • SW-150, Introduction to Social Work
  • SW-216, Social Work Interviewing and Assessment

For specific questions about the Gerontology Certificate program, call the Psychology Department at (616) 234-4283.