Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be 21 to join the program?

  • No. Students must be 18 or older according to Michigan Liquor Control Commission. 

How many spots are available for students each semester?

  • 18 new students will be enrolled in each fall and winter semester.

How are students enrolled in classes?

  • By Department Consent. Once a student has been accepted to the certificate program, the student will be enrolled in the classes each semester as listed for the semester for which the student is accepted. 

What is Department Consent?

  • Department Consent means students are enrolled by the department. In this case, Craft Brewing students are enrolled by the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education. 

Can I go part-time?

  • No. Students must complete all the required classes within the specified semesters.

What are the credits/contact hours for each semester?

  • First semester: 15 credits/21 contact hours (May also need CLS 100 at 2 credits/2 contact hours.)
  • Second semester: 12 credits/28 contact hours

Where can I find the schedule of classes?

How many days per week will I be in class?

  • Four days per week (Monday-Thursday). Hours per day vary.

How many hours can I expect to be in class each week?

  • First Semester (first seven weeks): 14 hours per week (not including CLS 100)
  • First Semester (second seven weeks):  28 hours per week
  • Second Semester (first seven weeks):  30 hours per week plus 15 hours per week in an internship
  • Second Semester (second seven weeks): 20 hours per week plus 15 hours per week in an internship

What classes are required?

First Semester:

  • CLS 100 - Introduction to College:  New Student Experience*
  • CA 111 - Restaurant Sanitation and Safety
  • CRB 101 - Introduction to Beer Service, Sensory Analysis, and Brewing
  • CRB 105 Craft Brewing Fieldwork
  • CRB 110 Craft Beverage Brewing
  • CRB 201 Advanced Sensory Evaluation and Taste Management

*Will you need CLS 100?  Please review the CLS 100 website for more information.

Second Semester:

  • CRB 205 Craft Beverage Business
  • CRB 210 Advanced Craft Beverage Brewing
  • CRB 180 Craft Brewing Internship 

What are the approximate costs?

Please see the tuition and fees web page for approximate costs. For this program, we follow the Culinary Arts Differential tuition rate (Tier 1). There are additional fees for books and parking.