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Calling all foodies — aka culinary enthusiasts!   

Don’t miss out on some of the most exciting, innovative and inspiring cooking classes in West Michigan.

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Grand Rapids Community College’s Secchia Institute for Culinary Education is one of the leading culinary programs in the nation — 35 years and going strong!

Culinary enthusiasts can savor our world-class facilities and well-seasoned instructors in a GRCC Cooks workshop — a fun culinary learning experience!  Our community workshops can launch you to far-flung and exotic places like Thailand, South America, Vietnam and Africa. Instructors will teach you the savory fundamentals of knife skills, soups, sauces, sushi or vegan cooking. 

Maybe you want to know how to braise the world’s best pot roast or how to crank out fresh, tender, herb-scented pasta, or equally inspiring, how to scramble perfect, silky eggs. Regardless of how you sear, steam, sizzle or sprinkle, we definitely have a place for you at our culinary table!

Your apron awaits...

Workshops are held in the Wisner Bottrall Applied Technology Center. Participants will receive a confirmation with the room number prior to the workshop.