Academic Suspension Return Form

Academic Suspension means you may not attend GRCC for two semesters. You may submit the Academic Suspension Return Form prior to two semesters in order to have your return processed in time to register for classes beginning after the two-semester time frame. An email will be sent to the email address you provide once your return form has been processed.

Please note that students returning from Academic Suspension will be required to meet with an academic counselor/advisor prior to being able to register for classes.

Academic Suspension Return Schedule

Semester Suspension Reapply Resume Attendance
Winter May 2016 September 2016 Winter 2017
Summer August 2016 January 2017 Summer 2017
Fall December 2015 February 2016 Fall 2016

Academic Suspension Early Return

Students may choose the Early Return option on the Academic Suspension Return Form in order to return after one semester of nonattendance instead of two.  Students that elect to do so will be required to adhere to the folowing enrollment conditions:

  • Mandatory CLS 102 Practicing Strategies for Academic Success (or PY 97 Strategies for college and Life Success if previously taken and not passed).
  • Enrollment limit of 8 total credits for the return semester.
  • Meet with an academic counselor/advisor.
Academic Suspension Return Option
Please select whether you would like to return after two semesters of nonattendance, or return early after one semesters of nonattendance with additional enrollment requirements as listed below upon return.
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