Catalog Year Information

Per the Catalog Year Policy, every student is assigned a catalog year when he/she begins taking classes at GRCC in a degree-seeking academic program (major). This catalog year determines which program and graduation requirements must be met to complete his/her academic program (major) and earn a degree or certificate. A catalog year will be reassigned and requirements may change if:

  • a student's declared academic program (major) changes
  • a student is absent from GRCC for more than two years (six semesters, including summer) and began taking classes again in Fall 2013 or later. This type of reassignment will occur each time that a student in absent from GRCC for more than two years

Students have the option to select the catalog year that is in effect during their graduation semester, as identified on the Graduation Application. If the student is following an academic program (major) from a specific catalog year other than what is described above, he/she must complete a Catalog Year Exception Request at the time of his/her Graduation Application submission.

It is strongly recommended that you seek the help of a counselor or advisor prior to submitting the Exception Request.