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You're off to a great start as a Dual Enrollment student at GRCC!

Dual Enrollment Orientation is mandatory for all dual enrollment students.   

Online Orientation

At this time we only have Online Orientation available. Please make sure you go through all of the Circles and complete the quizzes. Your first and last name should match what is on your application for Dual Enrollment (please don't use nicknames). If this information is not submitted you will not receive credit for completing the orientation and will be blocked from enrolling in additional classes until it has been completed. 

  • If you were admitted to the Fall 2019 semester, you must complete the Online Orientation by October 11, 2019 to avoid a restrictive hold placed on your record.
  • If you are a new student for the Winter semester, please complete the Online Orientation by January 24, 2020 to avoid a restrictive hold placed on your record.

Questions can be directed to the Academic Outreach Office at (616) 234-3007 or by email at