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All students with disabilities who would like accommodations at GRCC must register with Disability Support Services.  The process is as follows:

  1. Student provides documentation of disability to DSS – if faculty receive documentation from a student about a disability, immediately send to DSS in interoffice mail – do not keep! 
  2. DSS Counselor/Advisor and student must have an interactive discussion for student to request accommodations or suggestions for barrier removal
  3. DSS Counselor/Advisor considers the request against the functional limitations of the disability to determine whether it is reasonable and relevant for this student
  4. DSS Counselor/Advisor must consider all accommodation requests by thoroughly understanding the need and finding out ways that the accommodation
  5. An Accommodations Agreement is created that lists all accommodations related to the classroom, testing, technology needs, and other reasonable accommodations
  6. The student must show the professor the Accommodations Agreement in order for accommodations to begin, preferably at the start of the semester
  7. The student and professor discuss the accommodations and sign the date that this discussion occurred.  This is the date that the college and professor is responsible for the implementation of accommodations
  8. Faculty are invited to contact Counselor/Advisor listed on Accommodations Agreement for any questions
  9. Students are invited to contact the Counselor/Advisor to change or request additional accommodations at any time
  10. Students must renew Accommodations Agreement each semester with DSS