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Lakeshore Tutoring

All tutoring services have transitioned to an online delivery format. We encourage you to connect with a subject-specific tutorial lab for online support. Access to Blackboard resources, including Zoom meeting rooms, are provided by each subject-specific tutorial lab.

How to Find Tutoring 

Tutoring for subject-specific tutorial labs is accessible in an online format through Blackboard. Click on the specific lab’s webpage (found on the left-hand side of this screen) for detailed instructions, or call the ASTS office at (616) 234-4145.

*We recognize that online tutoring is not an accessible format for all students. If circumstances prevent you from utilizing online tutoring services, please complete the in-person appointment form to request an appointment. This form will be reviewed for approval.

Tutorial Lab Schedule - Fall 2020

About Us

Academic Support & Tutoring Services is committed to student success and is a main point of contact for students who need help with their academic coursework. Knowledgeable and encouraging tutors provide students with tutorial and academic support through a variety of services. These services continue to evolve to meet the needs of our student population and ever-changing learning formats. Today, there are eight subject-specific tutorial labs staffed by professional tutors and peer tutors, a strong appointment-based peer tutoring program, and a variety of targeted programs that support student success. 

We encourage students to take advantage of the services we offer. All current GRCC students are welcome, and all student support services are free


Provide tutorial services to promote independent learning and enhance individual academic success.