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Delta Pi Alpha

Delta Pi Alpha Honor Recognition criteria

The Delta Pi Alpha Honor Recognition honors those students graduating during the current academic year with superior scholastic achievement and meet the criteria outlined below. Students must do two things to be considered:

  1. Complete the online Graduation Application by the second Friday in March of your graduation year. 
  2. Complete graduation requirements by the end of the summer semester of your graduation year.

Degree-seeking students criteria

Degree-seeking students who meet the following criteria will be considered for the Delta Phi Alpha Honor Recognition:

  • Students must complete the online Graduation Application found on the Student Records website by the second Friday in February of their graduation year to be considered for Delta Pi Alpha.
  • Students must have earned 50 percent or more of their credit hours at Grand Rapids Community College for the Associate Degree and must be graded for at least 30 credits at GRCC by the second Friday in February to be considered. Students in certificate programs do not qualify.
  • Credits earned from CLEP, PEP, Challenge Exam and K-MAP are considered GRCC credits.
  • The grades on the student's transcript record as of the second Friday in February of the graduating year will be used to determine his/her eligibility.
  • Students must be enrolled at Grand Rapids Community College during the academic year he/she is considered for Delta Pi Alpha.
  • Students must not have X, N, I, E or WF grades on the GRCC record to be considered.
  • There is no time limit in which the degree must be earned and years of attendance do not have to be consecutive.
  • There is no minimal requirement for the number of credit hours carried each semester — fall, winter or summer — all semesters are counted.
  • Students who qualify and receive this recognition can only receive it one time; a student would then not qualify if they returned for another degree.

Delta Pi Alpha award recognition

Students who receive the Delta Pi Alpha award are recognized at a special event in the spring. (Students are notified by GRCC email late March.)

The Arthur Andrews Cup

The Arthur Andrews Cup will be awarded to the Delta Pi Alpha student with the highest cumulative grade point average and the greatest number of honor points as the second Friday in February of the commencement year.

Delta Pi Alpha Honor Appeal Process

If a student feels they have had extenuating circumstances that has prevented them from being considered and named to the GRCC Delta Pi Alpha Honor, they can submit a request to have their academic record and appeal reviewed by a committee established by the Associate Provost/Dean of Student Affairs. 

The committee

The committee will consist of one faculty member, Phi Theta Kappa Advisor and one administrator. Should a faculty member, advisor or administrator have an association with the appealing student, an appropriate substitute will be appointed to the committee.

The committee will:

  • only review appeals submitted by the student. 
  • convene within five (5) business days of receiving the appeal request. 

Provide written notification

The student must provide a written notification of their request for an appeal to the Associate Provost/Dean of Student Affairs Office, Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall, formerly Main Building, room 414. 

Submission deadline

 Appeals must be submitted three (3) weeks prior to the academic year commencement date.


A written decision will be mailed to the student within five (5) business days from the appeal review date. If the committee rules in favor of the student, the Delta Pi Alpha honor will be bestowed upon the student. If they rule against the student's appeal, their decision is final.

Please note: Delta Pi Alpha is not a student organization, it is an Honors Recognition given by the College.


If you have questions about Delta Pi Alpha, please contact the Student Affairs office at (616) 234-3925 or If you have questions about Phi Theta Kappa, please contact Lynnae Selberg at (616) 234-4148.