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Who can make a report to BIT?

Anyone!  We are only as effective as the reports we receive.  Anyone who feels there is a potential threat to the community or an individual should make a report, which can include students, employees, parents, or community members.

How do I make a report?

If you feel there is an immediate threat/danger, please contact GRCC Police at (616) 234-4911.  If the threat is non-emergent, visit the BIT reporting form.

What happens when I make a report?

Using the Threat Assessment Model created by the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association, the BIT will evaluate the report, determine if more information is needed and determine if there is a threat present.  If a threat exists, we will likely choose to meet with the student(s)/employee(s).  Depending on the type and level of threat present, the Code of Conduct and/or GRCC Police Department could get involved.  For full details of the work the team does, please see the Protocol document.

Can I make anonymous reports?

Yes, though we prefer to know the reporter's name in case we have further questions to clarify the report received.

What if the person retaliates against me if I make a report?

GRCC has a strict policy against retaliation and will inform all persons of that policy throughout the process in order to keep everyone safe and secure.

What if someone makes a report against me?

See the protocol section for full details of how the team responds to reports.

Is the BIT like "big brother"?

No, the intent is not to be watching people like "big brother", but instead to present a support network to the community. It can be scary to hear or witness information that makes someone feel uneasy or worried about what another person might do and they don't always know where to take that concern. We are the place to provide support in those situations and will use our training and knowledge to attend to concerns brought to our attention.

How do I know if BIT is the correct place for my report?

Better to be safe than sorry. If you're not sure, report it to us. We will determine if we are the correct place and, if not, will forward it to the correct process accordingly.