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College-sponsored travel is defined as any activity intended to promote learning or student development that requires student participation in a location other than those owned or leased by the College. College-sponsored travel includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • In-Service Area Field Trip Out-of-Service Area Field Trip
  • Study Away
  • Student Life Experiences - may take place within the GRCC service area or out of the GRCC service area.

Travel policy and process

If your event meets this threshold you need to follow the GRCC travel policy and process. Travel approval and process requires that you start this process at least one month before your travel date. This is to ensure travel and hotel accommodations.

Travel approval forms

Travel approval forms must be completed and submitted to Student Life via Raider Connect, under forms at least two weeks prior to departure date, all funds must be secured prior to including extra allocation funds. The travel approval forms must be approved by the appropriate personnel which include Lina Blair (Student Life & Conduct Office) and Theresa Kent-Williams (Finance and Administration Office).

Off Campus Travel Cover Sheet and Forms

Student Leaders and their Advisor/s must submit one packet on behalf of the entire club or organization to Student Life at least two weeks prior to departure date. This packet should include the following:

  • One printed copy of the Travel Cover Sheet
  • One printed and completed Risk and Release form for each person participating in travel
  • One printed and completed Emergency Contact Information Form for each person participating in travel

If a student listed on the cover sheet does not submit their forms, then the student is not allowed to attend said trip.  In not following proper procedure the student will meet with the Director of Student Life and Conduct for a conduct meeting.