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What is Academic Alert?

Academic alert is a status reserved for when a student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA) is below 2.0 for either the first time or following Good Standing. See the Academic Standing Policy for details.

What is Academic Probation?

Academic probation is a status reserved for the first semester GPA that falls below 2.0 after a student is placed on academic alert. See the Academic Standing Policy for details.

What is Academic Suspension?

Academic suspension from Grand Rapids Community College results when a student who is on academic probation has a semester GPA below 2.0. Students who are placed on academic suspension may not enroll in classes for one semester. See the Academic Standing Policy for details.

How long will I be on Academic Suspension?

A student will be suspended for one semester.

Does my Academic Suspension apply to other colleges/universities?

No. Academic standing only applies to your status at GRCC.

What if I have financial aid?

We recommend contacting the GRCC Financial Aid Office at (616) 234-4030 to receive information regarding impact on financial aid awards and eligibility status.

What if I think my suspension is because of circumstances beyond my control?

You should submit the Academic Suspension Appeal Form.  

What is third party documentation?

Third party documentation is something not authored by the student that supports the circumstances of the appeal. This could be a letter from a medical professional or employer, an obituary, or documentation of healthcare services received.

What happens once I submit an appeal form?

Once academic standing for the semester has been calculated, submissions will be sent to the GRCC Academic Suspension Appeal Review Committee, and you will be notified of the outcome of your appeal via email. 

What if my appeal is approved?

You will receive email notification of the decision. Your suspension status will be removed and you will continue on academic probation. If your classes were dropped due to suspension, you will need to re-register in classes. In some cases, there may be additional requirements such as reduced credit loads for a given semester.

What if my Academic Suspension appeal is denied?

You will remain on academic suspension. If you are still registered for classes in your semester of suspension, those classes will be removed from your schedule. All decisions of the Committee are final.

When may I start taking classes again?

You may resume taking classes after one semester with the help of an academic advisor.

What can I do while I am on Academic Suspension?

You are encouraged to connect with your assigned GRCC academic advisor to discuss your goals, consider strategies and commitments, and make a plan for future academic and career success. You may also want to review resources and support services available for students.

What if I am on Academic Probation and I receive all Withdrawal (W) or Administrative Withdrawal (DR) grades for the semester?

If you are on Academic Probation and receive all incomplete or withdrawal grades you will be placed on Academic Suspension. 

How do I make an appointment with an academic advisor?

Students can find out more information by visiting the academic advising and transfer center webpage.

Where can I get more information about the Academic Suspension Policy?

You may review our complete policy at About Academic Standing.