GRCC First Scholars

A student going through orientation with an advisor

GRCC First Scholars are our first time college students who are attending full time (12 or more credits). For these students, we’ve designed a First Year Rewards program that encourages behaviors and participation in activities that contribute to academic and personal growth during the first year of higher education.

The overall intent of our incentive-based program is to make special efforts to connect GRCC First Scholars to a multitude of services that promote successful progress toward achieving one’s individual academic goals. These services include advising, academic support, tutoring, and other key resources and activities that have been proven to support course — and, ultimately, academic program — completion.

By doing so, GRCC First Scholars are eligible to receive rewards like parking passes, bus passes, gas cards, food vouchers, and others, as well as the opportunity to win up to $1000 for maintaining full time enrollment (see end of page for information on scholarship raffle).

In order to participate in and redeem rewards, students should engage in on-campus resources and notify us of participation. Once submitted, someone from our GRCC First Scholars support team will confirm receipt and advise when the reward is ready for pick up in room 347 Student Center Building.