GRCC First Scholars Incentives

Student sitting in front of a window in the Calkins atrium.

To redeem your points for participating in GRCC First Scholars-supported events and activities fill out a request on GRCC First Scholars OrgSync page. This form allows you to turn in your points for awards. Parking passes, Raider Bucks, movie passes, and bus passes can be picked up the next business day in the Student Center, room 347. Please allow up to 72 hours for processing and wait for a notification that your prize is available for pickup.

GRCC First Scholars Point System

(150 point max per semester)

Academic Success Activities
50 point max
Planning Activities
50 point max
Group Advising/Workshop
30 point max
Student Organizations
20 point max
Event Participation
1 point each. 15 point max


(4 points per day)

Education Plan

(25 points)

(5 points each)

Joining an organization and OrgSync

(5 points)

Diversity Lecture Series


(3 points per day)

Career Counseling

(25 points)

Blackboard Modules

(5 points each)

Leadership Position

(10 points)

First Scholar events


(2 points per day)

Appointments September/February

(20 points)


Participation in events/meetings

(1 point per event)

Volunteering and/or Academic Service Learning


(1 point per day)


Buddy System- Selfie Monday

(5 points)

Department based events

Tutoring and instructor office hours.

      Sporting events

Point explanations:

  • Office Hours limits.
    • Awarded points limited to only two visits per instructor per month.
  • Meeting with advisor.
    • Points for one visit per semester.
  • Buddy system-selfie Monday.
    • The first Monday of the month.
  • Day of service.
    • Worth 5 points.

Point Redemption

Incentives Points
Parking Pass 10
Bus Pass‐10 ride 25
50% off Bus Pass‐31 day 50
25% off Semester bus pass 50
50% off Semester bus pass 100
75% off Semester bus pass 150
Movie Pass 50
$10 Gas Gift Card 50
$10 Grocery Gift Card 50
$10 GRCC Bookstore Gift Card 50
One Raider Buck 5
Extra entry into raffle 75

Semester and Annual Prize Raffles

Number of Awards Award Amount Points Required
5 $500 125
6 $250 100
10 $100 75