Theater Scholarship Information

From White Plains

The Theatre Department will have a number of competitive scholarships available for incoming freshman and transfer students to study theatre. The scholarships are for $250 to $500 each, and high school graduates may qualify for the scholarships through a competitive audition process.

Auditions will be held each year in June and/or September on GRCC's campus. Audition participants will be expected to present two contrasting monologues, each approximately one minute in length. The monologues plus a short interview will comprise the audition. If you're interested in theatre technology, let us know — you will not have to prepare an audition piece, but we will ask for a resume complete with references. 

Scholarship applications are available on the right. We will call the applicant after we receive the application to set up a specific audition time.

We encourage theater students to continue their education at GRCC, and to apply for a scholarship today!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tom Kaechele at (616) 234-3538 or Shelly Urbane at (616) 234-3387