Web and Digital Support Help

The Web and Digital Strategy department offers help with:

  • Drupal - Access and training for the web content management system that Grand Rapids Community College uses to create, manage and publish web content.
  • Webpages - Creating a new page, help editing page components, updating banner images, editing department page, editing a page and content, assisting with content development, evaluating pages for accessibility issues and help with uploads.
  • Webforms - Creating a webform, editing a webform, reviewing submissions and downloading submissions.
  • Bios - Creating a new bio, editing an existing bio and removing old bios. 
  • Digital Posters - The process of how a digital poster is created and who to direct digital poster questions to.
  • Accessibility Resources - Training in how to make documents accessible, tools to make documents accessible and help making documents accessible.


How to submit a ticket

Web and Digital Strategy Ticket

  • Email webhelp@grcc.edu
    • Include a complete description of the problem
    • Provide URL of any web related issues

Need help creating a ticket not related to Web and Digital Strategy? Visit https://supportdesk.grcc.edu/TDClient/Home/


Drupal, Webpage, Bio, Webform and Accessibility Resources

General information, how to's and resources can be found in the Drupal User Manual. If you don't find what you are looking for, please submit a ticket to webhelp@grcc.edu and our team will be happy to assist you.


Digital Posters

Requesting a Digital Poster

From printed material:

  • Any ticket requesting promotional material for an event will automatically need a digital poster.
    • This criteria is similar to social media asset creation.
  • Other tickets for promotional items will be evaluated with the Web and Digital Strategy department to discern whether or not a digital poster should be created.

Additional requests or inquiries

Email WebTeam@grcc.edu