Julie F. Parks

Executive Director, Workforce Training and the Tassel M-TEC
Julie Parks
(616) 234-3400
Leslie Tassell M-TEC

Julie Parks is the executive director of Workforce Training at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC). She has more than 15 years’ experience in workforce development and curriculum development.  Under her leadership the GRCC workforce team successfully trained more than 12,291 individuals in 2012 and provided training for 589 companies in various sectors. In addition, GRCC was awarded a $4 million Pathways out of Poverty grant from the Department of Labor focusing on green jobs, and $26 million dollars in Michigan New Job Training funds. In 2010-11, she won the League for Innovation, Innovation of the Year, for work on a Composite Technician Training program and recently was the recipient of the GRCC Employee Excellence Award. Julie has a passion for bringing employers into the development stage in building training curriculum to meet the needs of business and industry. In 2013, she was elected Chair of the Board for the West Michigan Environmental Action Council. Julie is a proud graduate of Michigan State University.